Ordering a product is very simple, we will explain it.


Select products

Place a product of your choice in the shopping cart, after you place a product in the shopping cart you will receive a message that the product has been placed in the shopping cart.


Shopping cart

If you have placed the product in the shopping cart, go to the Shopping cart page by clicking on the icon in the top right corner and then clicking on “View shopping cart”. Now you come to the shopping cart, here you see the products in your shopping cart, the costs, the shipping costs and the “proceed to checkout” button. Check the products in the basket, if everything is in order, click through to checkout.


Address details

At Whiteboard Expert you do not have to create an account to order a product, ideal! You can now immediately enter your address details, please note, we only ship to the Netherlands and Belgium. If you want a different shipping address than the billing address, click on the square under "ship to a different address" on the right side. If the shipping and billing address should be the same, do not check this box. Then scroll down, at the bottom of the page you will see the exact details of the order. Please check here if everything is correct. Now you arrive at the payment method, this will be explained in the next step.


Payment method

Now you can choose how you wish to pay for your order, this can be done via iDeal, bank transfer, PayPal and Bitcoin. If you want more information about payment, please see the payment page. If you choose iDeal, you only have to click on your bank. Now click on "complete order", now you will arrive at the secure payment environment that you have chosen. Follow the directions of your chosen method.




After paying you will return to Whiteboard Expert, if you want you can check again whether the order is in order. If something went wrong, please contact us immediately and we will solve it quickly. When you have completed the order you will receive a confirmation email at the email address you provided.

If something went wrong or do you have any questions about placing an order? Please contact us and we can help immediately.

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